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"Live from Network 23"

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You need 1 more hrs or achvs to be Amateur
You need 12 more hrs or achvs to be Experienced
You need 18 more hrs or achvs to be Dedicated
You need 33 more hrs or achvs to be Hardcore
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1 more hour or achievement to reach Amateur. Last Played 1229 days ago.

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I am a stereotypical nerd who shares his home with the perfect wife, a son, and English Mastiffs. I have a vast collection of retro video games and systems. I also collect anything and everything related to Star Wars and still have my early bird package from 1977. I am primarily a PC gamer and I do love a good MMO. The first one I ever played was Neverwinter Nights on AOL back in the early 90's and am currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. My favorite game series of all time is the Ultima series. Ultima III was the first RPG I ever played back in the early 80's and I have won them all. See you in game. End Of Line.

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