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Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of The Second or RO2: LotS (Korean: 라그나로크 온라인 2: Legend of the Second) is a remake of Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World (Korean: 라그나로크 온라인 2: The Gate of the World), the MMORPG created by Gravity Corp. of South Korea and the sequel to the popular MMORPG,... Ragnarok Online.

In July 2010 it was announced the first iteration of the game had been scrapped, and a new version, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, would be developed in its stead. The new iteration of Ragnarok Online 2 returns to the systems and mechanics of the original Ragnarok Online while keeping the 3D engine. The game engine was changed several times since its predecessor opened its long running closed beta in 2007. It was mentioned that the new version of Ragnarok Online 2 will be using the Gamebryo engine. The previous iteration used Unreal Engine 2.5.

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  • If you could live in any game/universe, which would it be and why?
    I would probably choose Mafia 2 mainly because I find the time period interesting
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  • 강서핸플 #아밤 #아찔한밤 #밤전 #오피뷰 >> 오피스타 ➳➳❝【Opsuta.com】❞ #플보
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  • Warpportal takes over Ragnarok 2 Development!
    In a few words, the time of senseless updates, broken patches has ended... maybe :P
  • Ok i made a new character
    Since my character is lvling at a good pace i need help getting my profession to lvl 50 as steadily as possible. I was wondering if people could send my character, BulletPoint, some materials so i
  • Is RO2 a game worth investing time into?
    I recently gave this game a go, and honestly, it seemed way too much like your typical, generic, and boring old F2P MMORPG. However, I am seeing that this Ragnarok Online 2 is getting more popular on
  • Is there still someone playing this game? Has anyone hype for the new content to be released?
    As mentioned on the title do you still play this game and why? and if you play no more why did you stop? Do you think the next content (Jaway islands) will be better or not? What would you like to see
  • Mucho por mejorar.
    Me encantó la temática y la escencia que tiene de Ragnarok Clásico. En cuestión e arte y temática me gustó, así como también su mecánica, los dungeon son una buena motivación para hacerlos.
  • Jugabilidad excelente, pero 0 optimización gráfica y 0 en estudio de mercado.
    Me encantó su jugabilidad, su interfaz: es como los MMORPG de 2da generación sin perder la elegancia de hoy. No obstante me pareció una optimización gráfica de las peores. Si bien el juego tiene
  • Who are you?
    Just out of interest, who are you in-game? We might have chatted at some point, would be cool to link up for follows and such, maybe arrange some hunts too. =D
  • No jugaré hasta que optimicen decentemente el juego.
    Es una burla que ese motor requiera tanto PC, siendo que los efectos no son mejores que ningún juego de esta generación.
  • Baddiez
    Would not reccomend this game to anyone. Utter waste of time. Horrible devs. game has been in a "broken" unbalanced state for over half a year month after month promises of balance from the