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Achievements not showing up

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Old 7 Apr 10
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Achievements not showing up
Recently I earned a couple WoW achievements, as well as a couple of Xbox Live achievements, but none of them showed up on my wall feed on my profile.

Just wondering what was up. thanks!
Old 7 Apr 10
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Our achievement servers were running quite slow, so we just made the choice to restart them today to get things caught back up. This would have only affected Xbox achievements and not your World of Warcraft ones.

The best thing I can suggest is to play World of Warcraft again, just long enough to have Raptr recognize you're playing, and when you finish, it should try to fetch your recent achievements again.
You can do the same exact thing with any Xbox live games that you're missing achievements for. You can either actually run the game, or just go to the status field on you profile page, and use the 'is playing' option to set a manual play session for a game. After then 1/2 hour of game time expires, the Raptr system will recheck for achievements.

One other thing to point out, if you're setting manual play sessions, you can only set one at a time. If you set a new session while an old one is still going, it will cancel the earlier session in favor of the new one.

Hope this makes sense, let us know if you need any other help!

Old 20 Apr 10
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Raptr is not showing any of my achivements, yet it shows all my games.

any idea how to fix this
Old 20 Apr 10
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@ satman83 - Looks like there was a small delay getting your achievements; your up to date now. This has been discussed in many threads over the last few days.

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