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Summer of Raptr Winners Circle - $25K worth of prizes, over 100+ winners!

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Old 23 Aug 11
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Summer of Raptr Winners Circle - $25K worth of prizes, over 100+ winners!


9/22: Just updated the list with more names of the winners.

9/28/11: Sent out a bunch of prizes

10/4/11: If you won a game, expect these in the mail shortly!

10/13/11: To those lucky winners of the Astro Gaming prize pack, this will be coming to a doorstep near you! That's right, those are custom Raptr tags! BIG thanks to Astro Gaming for providing us with the awesome prizes!

10/24/11: All the Amazon gift cards have been sent out via snail mail or email. So if you won a game from us, make sure to double check your email inbox or mailbox for the gift card. Let me know if you have not received it.

And this was toughie, but we somehow got the Alienware Desktop to fit in the car!


Below is the official prize list, and just some of the winners of our Summer of Raptr giveaway.

Feel free to send us a picture of you with your prize! If you do not wish to be mentioned, please send me a private message.

Grand prize
20 of the hottest games and console - Sgt_William_DK

First prize
Alienware Aurora gaming desktop PC + Assorted Games - RockItFresh

Week 0

PlayStation Vita (3x) - DigitalPlague, HeliumIsotop, kittymcscratch

Nintendo 3DS (3x) - Estabon, al105alx2, Pau1adin

Diablo III (5x) - neria, tothfree, Hogwild333, DeathBruze, smorgasbord

Uncharted (5x) - JazzoFett, tokiokuroloko, adubb1977, Gurt_McSquirt, misterjeffr

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (5x) - mlzz, Shemes, technomancer01, Reginthorn, Ativan

Final Fantasy Versus 13 (5x) - Cloudius, krzaq, StratRat1956, albertobankai, Clarkent13

Rage (5x) - goltan, omega216, drmo95, deviousrambler, Steve666

Super Mario 3D (5x) - siecje, gr1msag3, Taesios, samnon, nurbok

Guild Wars 2 (5x) - Spitfire043, DrTeddi, iShyGuy, Magiz, Nymyth

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (5x) - JoyButton, rchillis, cwjdog57, Burger, nranin

Metal Gear Solid: Rising (5x) - CorruptedSinner, caboose1286, TaiHeartnet, Fire-Queen, BlackMage

Week 1
Wii U system (3x) - aithin2005, PurplePogoPunk, veroicone

8GB iPod touch (3x) - liannah, soilsongs, witey
In-game prize packs (15x) - andiwally, Darth Guybrush, binarywoman, Gabbynaruto, illwill347, isiswade, psycoman27, Monkeeztail, Fl0wR1an, masni84, dennispillora, Wriggs, WarlordPayne, Vampero13, lewoforever

Astro Gaming
Astro Prize Pack (3x) - TwoPuppies, ToasT, BlaineFromMaine

The Sixth Axis
$20 PSN Card (2x) - UndeadManWalkin, Gamescook
20 PSN Card - yourmumandme
Gunnar Shades - sagebigly7
Logitech Mouse - DeusExInfernis

Raptr Snuggie - frostybroc
Split Fish PS3 Mouse - TerribleLiar
Gunnar Shades - razorfish686
Logitech Mouse - OptmusPrimeJewForm

Raptr Snuggie - aheadbamjoker
Gunnar Shades - vinnie8887
Logitech Keyboard - Pezmic
Steam Games - generatedname

PlayStation Lifestyle
Raptr Snuggie - Stealer85
$20 PSN Card (3x) - elcopo31, Next_Jen
Logitech Mouse - ArrenDusk
Gunnar Shades - sephiroxpr

Week 2
Gears of War 3 (5x) - sweetflag, Minarva, SAIBOT64, blackeecho, Running_4Life

Gunnar Optiks
Gunnar Shades pack (5x) - tumor20, RichardTheJoker, Emnine, pinkdonut101, hunter518

Alliance of Valiant Arms
Alienware M11x laptop – Fen
100G coins (10x) -

Gaming Ogre
Logitech G15 - ShAd0wolfblade

Nintendo World Report
Wii, 3DS, or DS game of choice (2x) - inkyblob, dannethaman

Week 3
Mass Effect 3 (5x) - Jav0r, sarkenobi, Blkpaladin, serxi22, dfearreaper

Phenom II 1055T processor (3x) - LucasPimentel, FtenEQ, SkorMT
Radeon HD 6950 graphics card (2x) - king_clueless, Ayahz

Runes of Magic
RoM SteelSeries Mousepad, Thunder Ostrich Mount (3x) - aleowner, bs000, ReznoR_666
Swift Raptr mount, Advanced Revelation Package (20x) -

Platform Nation
NOX Audio Bundle - GeneXus

Steam game of choice (2x) - nolanvoid, jesse53

Week 4
Battlefield 3 (5x) - tehkiler, oatey4519, Hippobatman, own-n-pwn, manning14

Global Agenda
Super-fan prize Pack -
10 day booster code (10x) –

Logitech G700 Gaming Mouse - nickrocks3636
Raptr prize pack - FestivalOfBees

Raptr prize pack (2x) - Sephiroth1089, cloudyknight79

Week 5
Batman: Arkham City (5x) - KaynetheSlayer, rokoko, masonmjames, Fraaz_Lambert, hizumi12

Logitech F710 wireless gamepad - KezCrash
Logitech G500 Mouse - Tirnen

Karma Online
Logitech Performance MX mouse, G930 wireless gaming headset (3x) - rockchick2325, Corvo, rijit
Logitech Performance MX mouse (5x) - tOrchie, Liberuno, Un4given01, schrambo65, Trepadusul

Nox Audio Headset Bundle - agentsmith42

Logitech F510 gamepad, Super Meat Boy, NFS: Shift - apespecter

Week 6
BioShock Infinite (5x) - shufunk, magernoob, ZeroVector, ChaosTheory41, Vr2000

Project Blackout
$25 Ultimate Game Card (10x) - asr-vip, Kenorv, katriona, zadok, Leigh36295, Jonnyman99
In-game SG 550 MB (3 Days) - Everyone who followed page

NOX Audio
Nox Audio Headset Bundle - SkullKingMF

Logitech G500 gaming mouse - mgbeers

Logitech F710 wireless gamepad - rakiru

Week 7
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (5x) - XxSparkmanxX, BreTeK, manserotti, bluntside, Pain_Reigns

Rusty Hearts
Logitech Prize pack; G510 keyboard, F710 gamepad (2x) - Telre
In-game items (100x) -

Logitech F710 wireless gamepad - wickedxbrad

Raptr prize pack - Inseven

Week 8
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (5x) - WarlordPayne, Arisaka1, htwyford, macxim9929, mvpplayaone

Black Prophecy
Saitek X52 PC Flight control systems (4x) - Alakuu, black, zallman, Aikatears
CAG packs (20x) -

The Kartel
Raptr prize pack (3x) - EspadaTiburon, mackslappy, elRoss

Velocity Gamer
NOX Audio Headset bundle - NebSnave

Week 9
Star Wars: The Old Republic (5x) - ChrisDom, avenged900, ShavedEwok, theterror, kinderdspirits

Raptr Prize Pack - deadboy222

F.E.A.R. Prize pack - bipple

Week 10
Heroes in the Sky
Logitech Extreme 3D pro joysticks (15x) - st3r3otyp3, Spectro_BR, zimke, jezrealacasioagne, Listonosh87, Spoiler, Chronorayven, ScruffyTheJanitor, Zhyr79, forsaken_demon
Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses (3x) - kaymish, Ahkren, jameswalker85
HIS branded baseball cap (15x) - mkeelahi, asutoshrocker, Tigueron, delta816, koryg, Dr-Prophecy
B-29 plane model - maxera
In-game item (40x) -



aheadbamjoker - Raptr Snuggie
Click to see picture

wickedxbrad - Logitech F710 gamepad
Click to see picture

cloudyknight79 - Raptr prize pack
Click to see picture

Ativan - Assassin’s Creed: Revelations ($60 Amazon gift card)
Click to see picture

Gamescook - $20 PSN Card
Click to see picture

Listonosh87 - Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick
Click to see picture

delta816 - Heroes in the Sky hat
Click to see picture

apespecter - Logitech F510 gamepad, Super Meat Boy, NFS: Shift
Click to see picture

ArrenDusk - Logitech G500 Mouse
Click to see picture
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I just want some cheap ass raptr goodies, don't care about the high value prices ^_^
Old 24 Aug 11
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Originally Posted by Dexploratio View Post
I just want some cheap ass raptr goodies, don't care about the high value prices ^_^
fat chance since we're in the EU
most cometitions that raptr laucnhes are for US and canada only

edit: oh this is worldwide... GIEF! lulz
Old 25 Aug 11
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i no win? depression

these points of data make a beautiful line
Old 25 Aug 11
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I never win anything so enjoy your prizes winners while I hug my Raptr snuggie.

Old 25 Aug 11
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Congratulations present and future winners.
(I'm hoping I'll end up having congratulated myself through that.)
Old 25 Aug 11
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I better win something

Old 25 Aug 11
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oh please let me win T_T
Old 26 Aug 11
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Just a quick question.. will we be notified by email or something if we win?

Old 26 Aug 11
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Originally Posted by BluntMastaB420 View Post
Just a quick question.. will we be notified by email or something if we win?
think so, has been that way in other competitions...
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