Best Titanfall Moments Contest (and RP giveaway!)

UPDATE: We're sorting through the entries now! Hang tight! We'll have the winners for you shortly!

Life is better with Titans, and for this mission, your goal is to capture your best Titanfall moment! Drop your Titan on your foes, score an awesome wall-running kill, rodeo a Titan and shoot away at its weak spots until it goes kaboom, and then capture that fiery moment in a screenshot for a chance to win 1500 Reward Points!

To enter, use your Raptr Desktop App to take a screenshot (Page Up + S by default) of your best Titanfall moment. Once that's done, you can hit ‘Get Link’ to upload it and get a URL to post below. Or you can also upload your image to imgur or a similar image hosting service.

We'll select our favorite to win 1500 RP and three runner-ups will get 500 RP each. Good luck, pilots!

Contest ends Saturday, April 19.

For general contest rules, go here.

If pictures aren’t your thing, stop by our Five-Word Reviews: Titanfall RP giveaway.

43 Entries